Silly Walks

Each week, the stores are getting richer on dozens of mobile toys, it is not surprising that many of them elude our attention. Such an unnoticed game by us was the fun and very exciting arcade game Silly Walks from the little-known studio Part Time Monkey. If you, like us, hear about it for the first time, I recommend you to get to know it as soon as possible.

You – the revived fast food with hands, legs and black eyes, as it should be, and the angry blender locked your berry friends in the cells. Open all the cages with berries until they become part of the invigorating smoothie. But do not expect easy walks from rescue operations, as they are all of a kind narrow paths with many obstacles. And your manner of movement, though amusing, certainly does not make things easier.

Going on narrow surfaces that rise high above the floor, we have to show amazing maneuverability. After all, kitchen knives, chops hammers, red-hot burners and other lively appliances want to slam anyone who passes by them. Unlike the “Run, Sausage, Run” arcade, Silly Walks does not incite the player to constantly move forward, of course, if at that time there is no danger of a vacuum cleaner or a distracted toaster that don’t shoots you.

Silly Walks arcade is rich in original levels that makes you really admire her world! That way is blocked by a waffle-iron that needs to be unplugged from an outlet, then a pan pops up from the closet wishing to crush the hero. Often it will be necessary to combine objects, for example, to cool the iron with milk or to find the key and open the gate for them. And note, we have not yet described the bosses, the battles with which are going by all the standards of big games.

By frames, Silly Walks can be confused with an endless runner, but in fact it isn’t. The absence of infinity and randomly generated levels is what Silly Walks has, but what the mobile gaming industry lacks.