Pigeon Pop

For mobile arcades, cyclic gameplay has long become the norm. Endless runners, jumpers and races. In them we see no levels, no end, only an endless lane of obstacles. But some game creators do not hesitate to add a hundred levels to their projects, making them truly diverse and entertaining for the player. This is what exactly Pigeon Pop is – the debut project from the studio Fortafy Games.

Adjusting to the fast pace of Pigeon Pop, show dexterity by filling the stomachs of hungry birds. Circling around the fruit, pecking its edible flesh with one light touch, while trying to skip the black rot and stinging bees. The rich diet of birds includes dozens of different fruits from corn to watermelon.

The game contains more than 100 levels, divided into thirteen stages. With each new stage, the difficulty will rise, increasing the dynamics of the game. But, in addition, the gameplay will become more diverse. Such useful bonuses as dynamite, autopilot button, alien plate and lasers will appear. Still, as a pleasant gift, Pigeon Pop contains the second game mode, in which you need to throw food to the birds.

No one of the arcade of our time now can not do without choosing a character, and in this Pigeon Pop did not differ from the others. You can buy each bird for game currency or for viewing ads, so that all of them may soon be in your hands. The very variety of birds pleases the eye. Here you and the red woodpecker, and the chicken, even have a pigeon with a machine gun, which relies on gunshot power, rather than on its beak.

Original gameplay, perky music and a large amount of humor. It seems that the Pigeon Pop arcade is really worth being install on your device. And you know what? The way it is! Its only impressive minus is annoying advertising. And although the permanent banner almost does not interfere, commercials, which are cut quite often, can quickly ruffle. You can remove them for real money, in this case, you thank the developer for the excellent game. Or apply the old trick by turning off the Internet on the device.

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