Orbia: relax in a long journey by pressing just one button on the screen to toss the shaggy ball from one point to another. But beware of the obstacles on the path that spin around your points of movement. By accurate throws of ball and various bonuses, you will slip away from all enemies and move on. It will not be necessary to hang around for a long time at some level, since the game does not require a player with an extremely powerful reaction to pass. Still, Orbia: Tap and Relax is designed to relax rather than heat up nerve cells.

Regarding the content in this game, everything is fine. More than three hundred levels, divided into three worlds, will not let die from boredom. In addition, the levels contain different conditions, for example, some sections of the path are traversed in complete darkness. You can still play as one of a dozen fluffy balls. Each hero-ball not only has an original appearance, but also has some useful skill.

Musical accompaniment and design for relaxation games are the main parameters by which they are judged. Fortunately, the creators of Orbia: Tap and Relax were able to cope with both. The music in the game is soothing and not annoying, at least not immediately. And serene colors will relax both the eyes and the nerves of the player.

Honestly, in the peaceful arcade of Orbia: Tap and Relax there is nothing outstanding that we would not have seen in other games, so it can quickly get lost in the open spaces of Google Play. A strong similarity in design with the platformer BADLAND definitely does not benefit its originality. But on the other hand, the toy is 100% good as an arcade game, which has the task to occupy and relax the player, even though she copes with this without any troubles.

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