Hopeless 2

The task of the representatives of the horror genre is to scare the player, and to do this as effectively as possible. For the sake of accomplishing this goal, the developers pour blood on all possible surfaces in the game, paint really scary dead men and murderers, and also do not forget about the tense sound. And what if the main characters were not desperate lonely people, but cute painted men Hopeless 2 will allow to answer this question. Its main features nice graphics, abundance of levels and intuitive gameplay.

Meeting with the game will be unusual. Immediately after clicking on the application icon, we will see the main characters of the Hopeless series – dudes. Despite the rather strange name, they look extremely friendly. Your task is to shoot boxes hanging nearby, thereby freeing a couple of dudes. After a few seconds, the characters will jump into the trolley and take you to the unusual world of horror.

The meaning of the game is very simple. For reasons that are not completely clear, the dudes were inside a gloomy cave, and even on the above-mentioned car. And everything would be fine if there were no crowds of monsters in this cave that attack the main characters at any convenient time.

Of course, you will also be responsible for shooting at enemies. Here you need to be very vigilant, because not only enemies, but also other dudes jump out of the darkness. The more you save them during the trip, the more stars you can get on the basis of a particular round.

The weapon shop serves as a nice addition. Visiting him is definitely worth it, because shooting a shotgun and a pistol gives an absolutely unforgettable, but completely different feeling. Naturally, in-game purchases cost real money.

Hopeless 2 is a very interesting game. The contrast of scare monsters and cute characters surprises with its uniqueness, and therefore it is possible to recommend this application to every smartphone owner.