Let the rhythm fill your soul! ELOH is a musical toy from the creators of Old Man’s Journey’s. In this fresh puzzle game you have to feel the rhythm to solve riddles.

In ELOH reigns calm and music. There is no time limit, the number of moves is unlimited and there are no in-game purchases – there is only you and the rhythm. The game developers are aiming to immerse the player in the so-called Zen world, where there is no place for shaking and doubt.

A typical level in ELOH looks like this: you have one or more speakers located on the playing field. Sound waves from the speakers move along lined lines and bounce off walls. Your task: to arrange the totems in such a way that the waves bounce off of them in the correct order to get the desired melody. And since we are talking about rhythm and sound, it is highly recommended to play in headphones for complete immersion in ELOH.

Thanks to more than 85 musical puzzles and amusing gameplay, ELOH has turned out to be the perfect game for those who want to relax and immerse themselves. You can be sure that the game will not play on your nerves, because fascinating riddles with the absence of any restrictions will not be able to raise the level of your stress.