Command & Conquer: Rivals

In the mid-90s, the original Command & Conquer won the hearts of many gamers. That was happiness when EA at E3 announced the revival of one of my favorite games of childhood. Of course, the news about Command & Conquer: Rivals more upset people than pleased, because the game will be exclusive for mobile platforms. But we – mobile players, are looking forward to its release!

The other day it was confirmed that Command & Conquer: Rivals will appear in open access in December 2018. The game will immediately be available on both iOS and Android. It remains to wait quite a bit!

Command & Conquer: Rivals is a mobile strategy, similar to other free PvP games. EA takes its game very seriously, trying to make it a new phenomenon in cybersports. It is not difficult to guess that we are waiting for the next game with an emphasis on rating battles and rivalry among players.

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