Cut It: Brain Puzzles

In the game we learn to think a few steps forward and how to train the brain for the upcoming work. Description of the game offers to become a “master of cutting.” In addition, the developers promise to improve logical thinking through hundreds of unique levels.

The task in Cut It is simple. The game field at each level necessarily contains a couple of stars and several geometric shapes. Our task is to collect all the stars. To do this, force the objects to touch them.

Of the tools – only the dotted line, which cuts the geometric shapes. We look at the level. In the middle is a ball, on the sides of it we see stars. Obviously, to go to the next, we cut the figure in half. Halves fall in opposite directions and hurt the stars. Problem solved.

In the game there are also fixed figures. In this case, cut off one part and force the rest to pass through the entire level. Very effective method.

The figures are different, sometimes it is even difficult to understand how to get to the finish line. Experimenting is not a shame. Even with a negative outcome, we will simply get a lower final grade. Anytime you can press the restart and go through the level again.

The physics in the game is cool. Objects fall exactly as they should. They can even get stuck in the tube if the owner of the smartphone cuts the shape of the wrong shape.

Cut It: Brain Puzzles – a great option to develop your imagination and learn to think a few steps forward. The game has good physics and a gradual increase in the difficulty levels. The application will give a fun time, and will allow to spend time with benefit.